Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Life in Poland since the fall of Communism

A moment in life, even if it is a small one, can turn a life around. The fall of Communism which was signed with the fall of Berlin Wall is huge event which can change many people’s life. For Poland, the life after the fall of Communism has brought the country to start over the life that they have. Even though, they need to live the country from the beginning, it could be a good thing.

The chronology of the event
When an economy of a country is crisis, it could be a sign that the current situation is out of control. And it can be anything. In Poland around 1989, their economy is not good and it has reached the limit. The country has been under communist leader from 1945. The economy started to fall around 1980 and it was getting worse because the labor unrest.

The way of life that brings new life
The twenty years after a significant event, Poland has showed some major changes. One of the changes that happened in Poland is the growth of the economy which is very positive. As starter, it could be good news for the country and the people of the country.
Besides that, Poland has international airport now which is a bustling trade. It is supported by the planeloads of Polish holidaymakers booking. The holidaymakers booking make a special charter flights to Egyptian Rivera, Crete, Morocco and Thailand. It showed that the financial condition of the country did not affect the desire to travel across country and even across continent. For some middle class people of Polish, they did not bother to continue to spend the money like nobody’s care.
The traveling abroad which is done by Polish has become one of the ways to courage the people and also the country to fix the economy’s condition. Besides that, the competition with German travel companies makes Poland as the lucrative market. From the economy crisis, people in Polish, especially the entrepreneurs, have taken a risk for making the economy becomes better. Then, it also helps them to adapt in any condition quickly. The falling down of the economy has brought something good for the country.

The new generation of the country
After twenty years of the communism falling down, Poland surely has new generations which are not touched by communism. The new generations who have not touched by communism could be a new life of the country. For years of life in communism, it had given the country one hell of situation. They who do not know about communism, it will make that this country have a new chance to start a new life. Poland is not like Baltics or Czech Republic or Slovakia or even Hungary. Poland people and their new generations do not hurt so much. Generally, they do not suffer much like other countries. The external shock of the country does not give much effect to the people.